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Dr. Scott J. Neuhaus is currently a researcher and teacher at the University of Washington and spends much of his free time writing.


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Starting in the late 1800s with the Industrial Age, the Human race began to assert itself as the dominant species on the planet. With amazing advances in science and technology humankind flourished while other species and the planet itself suffered. But as the chosen species multiplied so too did the problems associated with overpopulation: regional conflicts escalated and ecological stress further compromised the health and diversity of the globe. The tipping point appeared on the horizon. The point at which there would be no turning back. The slide into the abyss appeared imminent. And then it happened the unthinkable!



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Handbook for the Deep Ecologist

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Although the present generation and the previous generation have been lucky to live in the most prosperous half century of human history, the other species that share the planet with humans might disagree over how extraordinary it has been. In typical anthropocentric fashion, this does not faze the average American, who sips lattés while driving SUVs, oblivious to the gathering storm our mismanagement of the ecosphere will bring in the future.

In The Handbook for the Deep Ecologist, author Scott Neuhaus illustrates the components of that storm. Whether the challenge may be the super pathogens created by our misuse and overuse of antibiotics and antiviral agents, the misuse and overconsumption of resources critical for our civilization, or merely the environmental affect of having a population of over six billion people (and growing), will we even recognize the problem?

Evolution through natural selection has instilled amazing tools in humankind. But it has also created certain restrictions that limit our ready understanding of specific concepts. Will these limitations lessen the human race to such a degree that we end up causing our own demise? Only time will tell.


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